• What we are?


    PMC Architectural Designers and developers started an office in UK. We undertake construction works and Architectural Designing work in UK. Our focus has been to provide the finest and most comprehensive commercial and Residential building construction services in UK. Our group has been engaged in designing of modern houses and apartments, interior designing, renovation contracts, designing plans and its submission.

    We have been successful in providing services like interior designing to detached & semi detaches houses, bungalows and offices. The company aspires and endeavours to meet client’s requirement to the maximum. Our expertise team works with the real estate owners to custom design plans for any construction project.

  • Company Profile

    PMC Architectural Designers and developers offer our services anywhere in UK. We have full-fledged office at Poole, Dorset.

    We are committed to providing you with the best possible service in the building construction. We offer the full range of commercial construction services to support our clients in both the private and public sector. From pre-construction to project closeout, we understand that flexibility is key to meeting the needs of the many different markets we serve.

    Our construction project is having collaborations between diverse specialists through real time communication, we carefully co-ordinate every step of the process with client, architect, engineers, material suppliers, municipal authorities and other team members. We take sole responsibility for overall management of the construction process.

    Our knowledge of the supplier and subcontractor market allow us to obtain the best possible value for every construction and adherence to cost-discipline scheduling and critical path purchasing offer additional savings. Finally, real-time reporting provides you with sufficient lead time to make informed business decisions that further control cost.

    If you are considering any of the above projects, or looking for architectural design Service in UK, why not call or email us for a free consultation.